Afterlab Joins Visinema Ecosystem

Visinema, a production house company officially invests Afterlab for an undisclosed amount. Afterlab will join Visinema’s ecosystem along with Visinema Pictures, Visinema Content, Skriptura, VCampus, BioskopOnline and Visinema Animation.

“This is a big step and positive change for animation and VFX industry in Indonesia. We will start with Kancil (K4NC1L), an iconic fable, combined with animation technique will be a unique storytelling. We hope that it will be a legacy to pass down to the next generation.” - Mochamad Reza Permana, CEO Afterlab.

“We’re proud to be a part of Visinema’s ecosystem. We plan to build our infrastructure to enhance our production pipeline and services.” - Aji Dikdik Setiawan, COO Afterlab.