"Si Kancil" Gets Rebooted to a Sci-Fi/Actions themed Animated Series

Bandung, 15 May 2020, a Bandung-based 3D animation studio, Afterlab, release a trailer on YouTube for their upcoming web-based 3D animation series.

Perceived as a thief, the infamous Kancil will get a chance to fix his reputation. The story is adapted from the award-winning Si Kancil webcomic created by Akhmad Fadly with Sci-Fi/Actions twist. The comic has received more than 400 likes on the webcomic platform, Ciayo Comics.

"While it’s challenging to produce an animation series due to the unfortunate pandemic situations, we surely hope that Si Kancil will be welcomed by its audience, especially for those looking for a unique and nostalgic way to be entertained." Founder & CEO of Afterlab, Reza Permana.

Following its development for the past 6 months, Si Kancil animated series will undergo into season 1 production phase for the rest of the year. Si Kancil will be available soon on YouTube for anyone to watch for free.

To find out more about the trailer, press release, and media kit, click here.